Going Home Classes:

Inmates participate in our Going Home classes at Columbia River Correctional Institution. Classes are held on Mondays 12:00-2:00pm. These classes are set up as an open forum for inmates to talk about whatever is on their mind pertaining to transitioning out of prison back to their community and loved ones they have left behind. There are also guest speakers that come in at least once per month to motivate inmates by talking about their careers and how they triumphed through despite their set-backs.


Once Going Home II gets an office space the Going Home classes will continue to provide the same service to clients outside of prison but also offering 2 to 3 day workshops such as goal setting, ready to rent, typing, resume writing, and computer skills.


Moral Reconation Therapy® (MRT®):

We offer MRT® to assist soon to be released inmates with personal development to enhance their quality of life. MRT® is the premiere cognitive-behavioral program for substance abuse treatment and for criminal justice offenders. MRT is a proven concept and is designed to alter how clients think and make judgments about what is right and wrong. After completion of the first 12 steps, the inmate is considered a Graduate of MRT® and is presented a Certificate of Completion.


We currently offer MRT® at Columbia River Correctional Institution. Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:00-3:00pm. In the near future Going Home II would like to offer MRT® classes twice per week to clients outside of prison as well. We are currently looking for office space to be able to accommodate those clients.


Inmate Events:

Going Home II currently sponsors two events per year at Columbia River Correctional Institution, Kwanzaa and Juneteenth. The inmates work very hard in putting together programs for these events. Inmates are able to invite their family and friends as well as community leaders, business owners, Pastors and State Officials to these events. By doing so, it opens the doors to bring awareness to the community of Going Home II’s mission and how it is helping inmates change their lives. Inmates have even been offered jobs by some of these employers.


In the future we would like to continue to sponsor similar events in the prison, but would also like to sponsor events outside the prison, such as a Job Fair at least twice per year. This would allow us to bring awareness to the community as well as provide an avenue for clients to get job leads and also be able to showcase client’s successes.


Client Services:

Supporting released inmates with individual needs to assure a successful transition is important to our mission. Assessing specific needs and risks of recently released inmates and how they will be addressed pertaining to individual improvement, health, housing, job placement, education/training and family support is important. We get cell phones with two months service for all inmates being released. This assists them in communicating and getting their needs met to be able to focus on their goals. We have also been able to assist clients with rent, reinstating their license, and clothing in regards to interviewing and work.



Going Home II provides Group Mentoring and One on One Mentoring.


Group mentoring presents an outlet for clients to stay engaged in their overall success.  The group is intended to provide continued social support, advice, and empowerment. This group is offered on Fridays from 7:30-9:00pm at Highland Christian Center where we are allowed to use the room pro bono. Once Going Home II finds office space, the location of the group will change, but the day and time will stay the same.


One on One Mentoring provides clients with consistent supported guidance to stay focused on their goals and aspirations. Going Home II introduces clients with a professional learning and development partnership between themselves and a trained mentor. There are no set dates and times for these meetings. The mentor and the mentee communicate by phone call and may or may not set up a time to meet with each other in person.


As our program grows we will recruit volunteer mentors as needed. These mentors will have had to complete a mentor training program and other screenings before they are matched with a mentee.



Going Home II currently rents out an apartment for clients in need of emergency housing. Client’s can only stay in the apartment for a maximum of 3 months until they are able to obtain adequate housing for themselves. Going Home II was only able to provide 3 clients with adequate housing and as of March 2017 the monthly rent was raised almost 50% therefore, we will no longer be renting the space.


As Going Home II grows we want to be able to provide at least 16 to 32 clients with transitional housing. Implementing a strong and tight housing program for our clients is essential to ensure its success.